Best 2017 Christmas gifts to be the best in your Box

It’s the time of the gifts and you have that person obsessed with the WODs to who you have to give him a gift, but you do not know where to start or what he may need. Or you’re just going to take advantage and make yourself a good gift. You deserve it and you’ve earned it! Here are some ideas:

1. Dress your feet


Surely you’ve seen on social media or in your box that many athletes wear colorful socks with flashy prints. The most famous are from the brand Stance, and their prints range from Michael Jackson to Star Wars and from the teams of the NBA/NFL to Mickey Mouse.
If the 16/19 € that the pair costs seems too much or you are looking for more brands of the cross training world, you have other options like the socks of Hookgrip, Caffeine&Kilos, Rogue, or the official socks of Reebok CrossFit® (men and women)


Who does not like to show for the first time sneakers? It does not matter if you have a couple or ten at home, we all love to enter the box with our new shoes. It does not matter if they are the Reebok Nano, the Nike Metcon (the 4 go on sale in a few days), the Adidas Crazypower or a NoBull. We all enjoy that feeling. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can always buy not so new models and some offers. It is important to be careful because you can save yourself a good pinch. If on the other hand you want to treat yourself, go for your favorites without thinking too much. Take a look at this websites: WIT Fitness & Fittest Freakest.

2. Take care of those hands


One of the best ways to protect your hands against calluses. If you also choose a good option, you will improve your performance. Yes, this is when we recommend you the Azor Grips . Do you need some reasons? They are used by Regionals and Games athletes such as Annie Thorisdottir, Patrick Vellner, Jonne Koski or Björgvin Gudmundsson. They are light and thin with what will not bother you. They are very resistant (if it is your maximum concern take a look at the Falcon Grips ) and its patented fabric improves the grip. And we all know that a better grip is extra pullups during the WOD. And extra pullups are the difference between beating your partner and being able to waver at the end of the class or having to put up with their jokes in the locker room.

Hand cream and repair

Using grips does not prevent you from getting calluses. Therefore, it is important to take care of them and take care of your hands. A good repairing cream will help you to have soft and hydrated hands. And from time to time it is necessary to file or remove them. All the products you need to take care of your hands are WOD Welder.

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3. Improve performance

Jump Rope

The world of the combasis huge, because there are made by plastic or aluminum. With one bearing or two. With 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm cable. Ergonomic handle or straight handle. And the price ranges from 10€ to close to 100€ in some cases.

Don’t you know which one to choose? We make it easy for you:

The Bee Rope by PicSil (surprise!). And not only because we have made it, but because we have worked hard to create a rope with the best possible characteristics and with a contained price. Ergonomic handle for any type of hand. Made of lightweight and ultra-resistant aluminum. Patented BeeClick system for a quick and keyless adjustment. 2mm light cable. Double bearing that allows a high speed of rotation. And a distribution of the weight throughout the handle so that it does not load your shoulders or forearms during use. Do you still have doubts? This is what a 6 times regional athlete and Grid League professional like Hannah Caldas thinks …

4. Outfit


With the training clothes happens as with the shoes, it’s never enough. It does not matter if 10 out of 10 washers are filled with sports clothes, it’s likely that your friend haven’t enough. Every time there are more brands of clothing designed for this sport. We have a list of favorites: the guys from Fehuhreinn and their Viking spirit, the simplicity and British elegance of Evolve RX , the Nordic impossible prints Northern Spirit or the endless collection T-shirts from Rogue .