No matter if you're a beginner or a professional, with have a pack for you. The perfect jump rope and the perfect grip for take you to the next level.


1Which jump rope is better for me?

At the moment we only have 2 available models of plastic jump ropes: ABS and ABS 2.0

If you are one of those people who is starting in this Functional Training or Cross Training and you don't still know if you are going to hook but you want to have your own jump rope... the ABS is your model! It's economic, resistant and fast.

If you are looking for something more than a jump rope, choose the ABS 2.0. Apart from its design, they have double bearing to go faster and become a Jedi of the Double Unders.

May strength (and patience) be with you on your jumps.

2Aluminum or plastic?

Aluminum jumping ropes are usually a bit heavier tan the plastic ones. Otherwise (resistance, speed, grip ...) there are no big differences.

By the way, we have not yet been able to resolve the issue of lashes. It is possible that even with our jump ropes you take some. We are sorry.

3Do you need any special care?

The jump ropes suffer almost as much as we do: We throw them to the ground, we step on them, we put them in the bag with the sweaty clothes, we wind them up in any way, we hit them with our legs (they also suffer in a lash)...

They don´t need pampering and fondling, but a couple of times a year a little cleaning and a bit of grease for the bearings is not a bad idea.

4Are they useful to compete?

Our athletes compete with ABS 2.0 and they are delighted.

This is Asier in The French Throwdown