PicSil Sport Team. Our athletes

All of them have something in common: they love our products and think they are the best in the world. For us they have something special: we think they are the best athletes in the world.


Jen Smith

4-times Games Athlete | 7-times Regional Athlete | She will be in Madison this year trying to prove that she is one of the top female athletes.

Adrian Mundwiler

34th 2016 CrossFit Games | 5th 2016 Meridian Regional | Winner Swiss Alpine Battle 2017 | 2nd The Alpha Games 2017 | Winner Elfit Reebok 2017 | With the goal of come back to the Games in 2018 after the injury suffered in 2017 Regionals

Lukas Esslinger

19th CrossFit Games 2017 | 21th CrossFit Games | 4-times Regional Athlete | 10º Dubai Fitness Championship 2016 | With the aim of reaching Games for the third time in a row

Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir

2-times CrossFit Games athlete | 5-times Regional Athlete | 36th Open 2016 in Europe | She is a 'Dottir'....period

Hanna Caldas

6-times Regional Athlete | Grid League Athlete (Baltimore Anthem) | 41th worlwide after de Online Regionals +35 | A great challenge awaits her in 2018 in the +40 division

Asier Sánchez

Asier has been combining his work as a coach at CrossFit Colen with his training for years. This year he qualified for the French Throwdown (one of the most demanding competitions in Europe) in addition to the Amsterdam Throwdown. But beyond their performance, we love their humility and dedication.

Virginia Finol

Virginia is a warrior. In just a few years she has been 2 times champion of Spain of Powerlifting (breaking 14 records in 2 categories), second at the Strongwoman in Spain and third in the European Master Throwdown 2017 (category +35) besides qualifying for the Amsterdam Throwdown 2017 in the elite category. With much enthusiasm for 2018 and many goals ahead.