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Weighted Vest Plates


We have 3 different weights, and don’t forget that 2 plates of the same weight are included in the marked price!


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chaleco placa verde
chalecos y placas en montaña

Comfort and
Range of movements

Picsil weight plates have been designed with comfort and full range of motion in mind.

Made of cast iron, they offer an ergonomic design, adapting perfectly to the vest and torso of the person who wears it.

What is your excuse now for not wearing plates in your workouts? We know you can and we know you want … Picsil makes it easy for you

National manufacturing and functional design

Made in Spain, its laser cutting and design ensure clean and precise edges and an exact weight.

The dimensions of our plates are 25.5cm x 30cm which makes them compatible with any vest on the market. Available 3 different colors with their corresponding weights

Exact weight for competitions

The combination of the vest and the plates complete the exact weight for the official Crossfit competitions.

Are you a man? You will need the 2 x 8.75 LB plates on your vest to have the official Crossfit weight.

Are you a woman? In this case, get the 2 plates of 5.75 LB and you can train for the official competitions.

Do not forget that the price includes a pair of plates of the same weight.


Plates are sold in pairs

Made of high-strength cast iron

Laser cutting to ensure there are no sharp edges and that you train in complete safety

Three different colors for each weight: Squirrel gray, Raspberry red and Ultimate green

Combined with the Picsil vest, it complies with the official weights for competitions (6 Kg for women and 9 Kg for men)

Plate dimensions: 25.5 cm x 30 cm

These plates are not ballistic plates. They are designed for fitness and exercise purposes only

Additional information

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 26 × 1 cm

Raspberry Red 5.75 LB, Squirrel grey 3.75 LB, Ultimate Green 8.75 LB


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