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Road to Europe Regional. What to see in Berlin?

Last days before the Europe Regional, the last step before going to the CrossFit Games. As you know, this year Europe has been split in 2 new regions: North and Central Europe (Europe Regional) and south Europe plus Africa, Middle East. But, what will see in Berlin?

Europe Regional 2018
On May 18, 19 and 20, Berlin will host in the Velodrom the 2018 Europe Regional.

In this 3-day event, the best 40 women and man and the best 30 teams will fight for taking a place this summer in Madison.

How will we see?
Between the athletes that will be in Berlin, some of the top athletes are:

Adrian Mundwiler (PicSil athlete)
BK Gudmundsson
Lukas Högberg
Sara Sigmundsdottir
Emma McQuaid
Kristin Holte
This athletes, and the rest of them, will face to six events during the 3 competition days.

adrian mundwiler picsil

2018 Regionals events
Last week the Events, that the athletes will have to do, has been announced.

On Friday, the event which made Rich Froning walk in 2014:

Event 1
Triple 3
For time:
3.000m ROW
300 dubs
3 miles RUN (4,8km)

Time cap: 49 minuts

Event 2
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time
Deadlift 295 / 220 lb. (133 / 99,7 kg)
Bench press 195 / 135 lb. (88 / 61,2 kg)
Squat clean 145 / 105 lb. (65,7 / 47,6 kg)

Time cap: 17 minuts

On Saturday:

Event 3
For time:
9 muscle-ups
Handstand walk
36 pistols
Handstand walk
9 muscle-ups
Handstand walk
45 pistols
Handstand walk
9 muscle-ups
Handstand walk
54 pistols

Time cap: 13 minuts

Event 4
For time:
2 RFT:
10 snatches 175 / 125 lb. (79,3 / 56,6 kg)
12 burpees
After that, 2 RFT:
10 snatches 115 / 75 lb. (52,1 / 34 kg)
12 burpees

Time cap: 9 minuts

Y finally, one Sunday the competition will end with:

Event 5
For time:
50 handstand push-ups
50 toes-to-bars
50 cal. Assault Bike
50 dumbbell box step-overs
50-ft (15 m) dumbbell overhead lunge right hand
50-ft (15 m) dumbbell overhead lunge left hand

Men: 70-lb (31,7 kg) dumbbells, 24-in. box and 17 minuts time cap.
Women: 50-lb. (22,6 kg) dumbbells, 20-in. box and 22 minuts time cap.

Event 6
For time:

4 rope climbs
16 thrusters
3 rope climbs
12 thrusters
2 rope climbs
8 thrusters

H 155 lb. (70,3 kg); M 105 lb. (47,6 kg).

Time cap: 7 minuts

As you can see, the Regionals events level is higher every year and it becomes more demanding.

If you’re interested, you can view all the events’ details todos los detalles de los ejercicios on the CrossFit Games website.

PicSil in the Europe Regional
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This is a bit of what you’ll see:

anna bee rope picsil regionals

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See you in Berlin!


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