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Open 2018. Less than 30 days left

The 2018 Open are coming up. As every year, the competition that will show the Fittest Woman and Man on Earth.

If you know the Open jump to the next paragraph

CrossFit Inc. is the organizer of the Reebok CrossFit Games, a competition that takes place in 3 phases around the world. Those phases are: Open, Regionals and Games. Only the best will be able to reach the Regionals and only a few the Games. But that should not discourage you from signing up for the Open, where more than 300,000 people from all over the world compete for 5 wods and 5 weeks to outdo themselves. Because no matter your level or your teammates, the Open is that moment in which you show yourself that all those hours of training are working. In addition, you can always ask your training partner to sign up and beat him ?

On February 22 will start 5 weeks of: what next WOD will be? What exercises will see? What time did Matt Fraser do?

The number of exercises that we will see in the Open are quite limited, more or less every year are the same: Pull-Ups/Chest to bar/Muscle Ups, toes to bar, clean, hspu, snatch, lunges, box jump, front squat, row calories, double unders and, of course, thruster and burpees.

We will see these exercises with dumbell, kettelbell or bar, burpees over the bar or the box, … the fact is that you have less than 30 days to start practicing your gymnastics, double unders or any exercise that chokes you a bit.

How will the WOD be? Hard. Dave Castro, who laughs so much in the photo and Director of the Reebok CrossFit Games, knows very well how to destroy you physically and mentally. If you want to try a WOD from last years on the Open Games website, you have them all.

Be ready for the Open

  1. SIGN UP!!
  2. Work and improve your skills and weaknesses in your Open Box hours
  3. If you are going to buy material, do it now and get used to it
  4. Tune your material: grease your rope, check the sole of your shoes, …
  5. Set a personal goal: my first muscle up or 40 DU unbroken
  6. Have fun

That is, whatever happens, have fun with the community.


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