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MAG Weighted Vest


Created to withstand the most extreme workouts and conditions, with only 0.9 Kgs of weight (2 LB) without plates.

Made of high-strength nylon with military specification, it stands out for its design, quality and performance.

A patch is included, depending on their availability, not necessarily the one in the image.

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Magnetic Adjustment
Ease of preparation

The magnetic adjustment buckle of the Picsil MAG weighted vest makes it unique in the market. Made of high quality ABS and combined with steel alloy, the magnetic adjustment of the buckle allows the vest to be released with just two fingers.


Don’t waste time putting on and taking off the vest, your time deserves to be invested in breaking your own records, in minimizing the time it takes to finish your WODs and in focusing on your immediate goals. For this reason, the Picsil vest is aligned to your needs.

Insertion of weights in the lower part

The weight system of our vest is made from the bottom of it. Do not worry thinking that the plates may fall when training, its double security system will give you the necessary support to withstand the shots during your particular war.


Perfect size

Our vest is manufactured for a perfect fit with the athlete’s body, thus giving maximum comfort during training and allowing the athlete maximum freedom of movement due to its small size. Design, resistance and comfort make the Picsil vest unique to resist any war: the most demanding WODs.


Weight plates not included. They are sold separately

Made of nylon

Heat-treated alloy steel buckles for maximum strength

Easily adjustable elastic side straps that expand and contract with heavy breathing and conform to a 50 "circumference

Adjustable shoulder straps with padding for proper weight distribution

Front and rear MOLLE system with areas for patches

Water resistant coating

Vest Weight: 0.9KG / 2LB

Plate cavity size 27 cm wide x 30 cm high

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 15 cm


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