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Sphinx Rope

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The question is: What do you expect from a jump rope?

Our 4 models are designed for different types of athletes. Since the beginner that doesn’t know if CrossFit is his life sport to the best athlete in the world.

For the beginners we have the ABS plastic rope, with a bearing is perfect to start and not invest much. If you’re looking for something more than a jump rope, the Sphinx Rope. Apart from its design, they have double bearing to go faster and become a Jedi of the Double Unders.

May the strength (and patience) accompany you in your jumps.

In the last step we have Anna and Bee. Anna designed to add weights and improve your grip and jumps, Bee designed for those looking for performance, is light as a bee hummingbird and very fast.

The aluminum jump ropes have the advantage that they do not break if a dumbell falls on them. The plastic can break. Other than that there are no big differences in durabilty, reliability, lightness…

Aluminum double-bearing jump ropes are faster than plastic ones. This happens because the aluminum design is adjusted to microns and the bearings do not have any slack, which translates into more speed.

By the way, we have not yet been able to resolve the lashes issue. It is possible, that even with our jump ropes you take some. Sorry.

The jump ropes suffer almost as much as we do: We throw them to the ground, we step on them, we put them in the bag with the sweaty clothes, we wind them up in any way, we hit them with our legs (they also suffer in a lash)…

They don´t need pampering and fondling, but a couple of times a year a little cleaning and a bit of grease for the bearings is not a bad idea.

Of course, all models of Picsil jump ropes are designed for high performance in both training and competition.

She’s Hannah Caldas, 7-times Regional athlete doing some triples

Jump ropes for jumping and functional training

Picsil’s Jump ropes are an ideal complement to your functional training. They are used for HIIT sessions and are present in more than one WOD.

It is very easy to improve your technique and take advantage of the benefits of working out with them. Our functional training jump ropes cover all your needs, from basic ABS models for beginners to aluminium weighted weights designed for professionals.

Search and choose the Picsil rope that best suits your needs in our jump rope comparison and get ready to improve your double and triple jumps. We can’t jump for you, nor can we prevent whiplash, but we can offer you the best bows for it.


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