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Eagle Grips Discover
Golden Eagle Grips without holes Discover

Golden Eagle GRIPS without holes

Technically improved and with unbeatable grip.

AZOR GRIPS 2 and 3 holes

The first handgrips in the World that really improve your grip.

Falcon Grips 2 and 3 holes

The Rx Grips + Inner soft fabric = Falcon Grips

Rx Grips 2 and 3 holes

The Rx Grips are the most resistant grips on Earth

Choose wisely your weapons for the battle. See comparative
Choose your grips


1-The first thing you need is a ruler or something to measure your hand.

2-Now, take a look at this image. The measurement is from the wrist to the fingers.

3-The last thing is to choose between Size 1 (protect your hand) and if you are one of those who want to protect your fingers, do the gymnastic fold or just don’t put your fingers in (Size 2).


Size 1

Size 2

… – 8cm | … -3.14”



8cm – 9cm | 3.14” -3.5”



9cm – 10.5cm | 3.5” -4.1”



10.5cm – 11.5 | 4.1” – 4.5”



11.5 – … | 4.5” – ….



It is not necessary. Although we recommend giving a moisturizer in the area of the finger holes to be softer and does not rub so much.

What moisturizer should I buy? We can not say brands, but we will say that the brand of “beach balls” Nivea is perfect.


Of course, no problem. Call or write us, tell us your problem and we change them.

The Picsil and XStrong leather grips are 2.2mm thick and the Rx and AZOR grips are 1.8mm

To give you an idea of the thickness, an adult flea is 3mm.

Confirmed: We are very bad in comparatives 🙁

The 2 holes grips are more than enough for most people, but if you like (or you need) having the very covered hand the 3 holes ones will be great.

We can not choose between two of our girls, we love the same two hole grips and three hole grips.

The comfort of the grips has been improving with the versions. The AZOR Grips can be put on to take the bar and do Clean&Jerk, the rest of models can be more uncomfortable and people prefer to remove them from the fingers.

Also, releasing the grips gives you a Sam Briggs style that is very cool in your Instagram photos.

Surely yes. Improving the grip with the rack or the rings you will be able to transmit the strength better and with that, you will improve the pull ups, chest to bar or muscle ups.

If you don´t improve, we don´t refund the money. You have to think that soft hands are also a good reason to use grips.


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