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Eagle Grip 2h


Thin, soft, resistant and with the best grip ever made thanks to Micro Diamond technology.

Feel the grip of an eagle every time you grab onto the bar.

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Micro Diamonds

The fabric of the Eagle Grips uses the micro diamonds technology.

This probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but let me tell you what it’s good for:

To have the best grip that anyone has ever had with any pair of gymnastics grips;
To retain the chalk applied on the grips for longer.
Does this already sound much better?

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0.33 kg

S, M, L, XL

The best grip

The raised part of the micro diamond shape is coated with special rubber material making it into minute arrowheads, and together with its malleability (they fold so easily) this fabric will seem like the wheels of a 4×4 going up a mountain. Or like the jaw of a crocodile biting a tree!
Who doesn’t want to improve their grip and increase the number of reps of any given movement? And better yet… it won’t test positive in any anti doping control!

Retains magnesium

The very shape of the micro diamonds makes the magnesium stay in the grip, releasing little by little each time you hang from the bar. With which your grip will still be better and also you will not waste time giving yourself magnesium every time you go to hang.

Better grip, faster transitions between exercises … your performance is better thanks to the Eagle Grips!


I've been testing the prototypes and the first versions for 9 months and for me there is nothing or the like. They are thin, soft and the grip is… .ufffffff

Virginia Finol

2nd CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 2019 +35

If I could give 7 stars to these grips I would give it to them, they have made me a better athlete!

Asier Sánchez

CrossFit Gorbeia


Technical Features









Certifications of resistance

Ecological fabric

Anti-allergy buckle

Patented Fabric

ISO9001, ISO14001



Micro Diamonds


Las de 2 agujeros son más que suficientes para la mayoría de gente, pero si te gusta (o necesitas) tener la mano muy cubierta las de 3 te vendrán de lujo.

Nosotros no podemos escoger entre dos de nuestras niñas, queremos igual a las calleras de 2 agujeros y a las de 3.

It is not necessary. Although we recommend giving a moisturizing cream in the area of ​​the finger holes so that it softens and does not rub as much.

What moisturizer to buy? We cannot say brands, but we will say that the brand of “Nivea beach balls” is perfect.


Yes of course, without any problem. Call or write us, tell us your problem and we will change them.

Lo primero que necesitas es una regla para medirte la mano.

Lo segundo, échale un vistazo a esta imagen. Mídete desde la muñeca hasta la base de los dedos (1).

Elige si quieres proteger la palma de la mano (Talla 1) o si eres de los que quieren proteger los dedos, hacer el pliegue gimnástico o directamente no metes los dedos (Talla 2).


Talla 1

Talla 2

… – 8cm | … -3.14”



8cm – 9cm | 3.14” -3.5”



9cm – 10.5cm | 3.5” -4.1”



10.5cm – 11.5 | 4.1” – 4.5”



11.5 – … | 4.5” – ….



Si simplemente es por olor te recomendamos que las metas al congelador  pero si es por alguna mancha de sangre lávalas a mano con mucho cuidado, nunca a máquina. Lo principal es que se sequen bien.

No lavarlas

Si están sudadas o se mojan, déjalas secar

Enganchálas al mosquetón y cuélgalas a tu mochila

The comfort of the streets has been improving with the versions. The AZOR Grips can be left on to grab the bar and do some clean & jerk, the rest of the models can be more uncomfortable and people prefer to remove them from their fingers.

Also letting go of the grips gives you a Sam Briggs style that is very cool in your Instagram photos.

Surely yes. By improving the grip with the rack or the rings, you will be able to better transmit the force and thus improve the pull-ups, chest to bar or muscle ups.

If you do not improve, we do not return the money. Think that soft hands are also a good reason to use grips.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 20 × 3 cm
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S, M, L, XL


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