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19.1 Tips by Hannah Caldas

And just like that the CrossFit Games Open is here and the first announcement has been made. While the community seems to be stuck on how underwhelming the 3 presentations across the world were, and where in the world is The Dave Castro, one thing can be said about the workout presented, basic!

19.5 The Grand Finale. Tips by Hannah Caldas

Here we are, the close of the Open, 4 weeks have flown by and we are at the 5th and last week of this process. And if you were expecting Uncle Dave to give you a Grand Finale, well think again. 19.5 is as “granola” as an open workout can be.

19.2 is 16.2

We are now well underway with the 2019 Open. Week 1 is now behind us, and a new workout has now been released. New as in a new week, because the workout itself is deja vu. Hello there 2016! 19.2 is 16.2. The community usually loves repeats because it provides a great opportunity to compare to our past selves and look for what hopefully is an improvement in performance.


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