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Anna Rope


Made in aluminum with double high speed bearing and the possibility to add weights.
Ultra fast, ultra-resistant and a very soft spin.
FLY in the doubles and the triples

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and smooth

The high speed double bearing has been adjusted to the maximum to ensure that the rope spins with the teddy bear’s softness and the hummingbird’s speed.

Start to FLY, stop JUMPING.

And the question you’re doing, is it fast?

If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t sell it.

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0.21 kg

Lime, Red

Elevate your training

The Anna Rope comes with a surprise. You can add it weights unscrewing the base, that allows you to traing harder and improve your eficiency doing dubs.

¡Your forearms will be on fire!

You’ll have the pump and the same feeling after doing 200 pull ups and pick up your rope.

The Anna Rope’s weights prepare you for the unknown.

Designed for you

The Anna Rope is designed with too much care. Double body y balanced weight distribution to avoid the bouncing during your workout.

With hard knurling for the grip (weightlifting knurling bar).

Ease to work with weights. Wide base to open and close easily


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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 3 cm

Red, Yellow


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