Bee Jump Rope
20 November, 2017
Elite Pack: Anna Rope + Azor Grips
22 November, 2017

Starter Pack: Jump Rope ABS + Raven Grips

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Jump rope made of ABS plastic + Raven Grips for high strength and durability.

Minimum weight, maximum speed, high resistance…

FLY in every WOD

Wich is my grips size?

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Jump Rope ABS

Specific jump ropes to develop speed, coordination, agility and be faster. This tool is ideal for beginning high performance workouts. Made of pvc coated steel cable for maximum protection and for unrestricted movement.

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Raven Grips 2H

Raven Grips, thinness and lightness. Only 1mm of synthetic leather between your hand and the bar. You feel the bar in every rep, never losing your grip. They're perfect for the pull-up's ninjas. What's my grips size?
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1 milimeter between your hand and the bar.

The Raven Grips are so thin that you don’t even notice them.

What you feel every time is the bar. And without losing your grip. That’s it, the Raven’s give you protection and no losing grip.

You will feel naked *

* Hand naked. Please, keep your clothes on. Thank you.

You’ll love them if…

  • You have the Azor Grips and are looking for something different for some WODs
  • You’re a gymnast ninja and you’re looking for just protection
  • Don’t wanna lost your grip
  • You tried other models and you don’t like them
  • You were a natural leather grips fan

Technical features

  • Protection
  • Resistance
  • Lightness
  • Durability

  • Endurance certifications ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Ecological fabric
  • Antiallergic buckle
  • Patented Fabric v2

Jump Rope ABS

PICSIL jump ropes focus on helping athletes to improve their daily performance by developing the five key components: speed, power, agility, reaction and being faster.

With the new system of grip in the handle, this jumping rope is at the height of the best with a very reduced price

Have fun training cardio every day for optimal results. The jump ropes are made of a PVC cable optimized for abrasion resistance, speed and flexibility.


  • 3m PVC coated steel cable for maximum protection
  • Jumping rope made of ABS of 14cm in length
  • Easy rotating design for unrestricted rope movement
  • Thumbscrew on the handle for total hop safety
  • It includes cloth bag

What is my grips’ size?

The first thing you need is a ruler or something to measure your hand.

The second, take a look at this image. The measurement is from the wrist to the fingers. Do not hurry too much or you will be too tight.

RX Callera 2 agujeros
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Dimensions 25 × 15 × 6 cm