Elite Pack: Anna Rope + Azor Grips
22 November, 2017
Super Pack:Anna Rope + Azor Grips + Tactical backpack
13 December, 2017

Elite Plus Pack:Anna Rope + Azor Grips + Knee Sleeves 5mm

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The fastest jump rope: Made in aluminun with double bearing and ergonomic handle. DON’T JUMP, FLY.

The best grips: Patented synthetic fabric ensures maximum lightness and strength. With a soft interior to protect your hands.

The toughest knee sleeves: Specifically designed to provide stability and compression when you perform functional movements such as squats and deadlifts. Tested and approved by Powerlifting and Weightlifting Champions.

FLY in every WOD

Wich is my grips size?

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Azor Grips: Unique all over the world

The AZOR grips are made with a special patented fabric which is unique in the world. This is why you will not find other grips like these.

It is a breathable, washable, of maximum resistance, soft to the touch, flexible and very light fabric.

Very resistant, ecological, washable and with international certifications in terms of resistance (ISO9001, ISO14001).

  • Protection
  • Resistance
  • Lightness
  • Durability

  • Endurance certifications ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Ecological fabric
  • Antiallergic buckle
  • Patented Fabric v2

Anna Jump Rope

Made in aluminun with double bearing and ergonomic design.

Light and extremely fast.

All ropes come with a 2mm thick PVC-lined braided steel cable to increase strength, speed and flexibility.


  • Contains 1 steel wire 2mm thick, and 3 meters, coated with pvc for maximum protection.
  • Made in aluminun.
  • High speed double bearing system for unrestricted rope movement.
  • 17cm ergonomic handle.
  • Includes: bag, one 2mm cable and manual

Best support

Specially created to give the best support during high intensity exercises. They provide complete motion support, as well as provide compression and heat to increase blood flow.

Manufactured in 5mm neoprene, they are specific for heavy WOD, being comfortable for any type of exercise.

Size chart:

  • S 29,00cm – 34,30cm
  • M 34,30cm – 35,70cm
  • L 35,70cm – 38,50cm
  • XL 38,50cm – …

What is my grips’ size?

The first thing you need is a ruler or something to measure your hand.

The second, take a look at this image. The measurement is from the wrist to the fingers. Do not hurry too much or you will be too tight.

RX Callera 2 agujeros
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 10 cm