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Customize your Anna Rope
8 May, 2019
Eagle Grips 2H
24 June, 2019

Customize your Bee Rope


Made in aluminun with double bearing and no allen wrench.

The only self-adjusting rope in the world, very light and extremely fast.

If you’re taller than 1,85m you’ll need to add this cable to your basket.

FLY doing double unders and master the triples.

Color Jump Rope

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BEE Fast

Made in aluminum with a double bearing system and a 2mm cable…FLY don’t JUMP.

What does this mean?

Which is as light as a plastic rope, as resistant as the others, as fast as none.

Improve your double under jumps and start to master the triples. Yes, the triples.


BEE Click! Forget the wrenchs.

You’re already bored of adjusting your rope with wrenchs or looking in your Box for a rope of your size.

It’s over!

Press, stretch, drop and jump.

Bee Rope: The world’s first self-adjusting rope

“How fast is @picsil_sport Bee Rope? For me, the fastest I’ve ever owned.”

Hannah Caldas

6-times Regionals
NPGL Baltimore Anthem athlete

BEE yourself

Hold the rope as you prefer: with two fingers, with three, with the whole hand, from below, from above. It does not matter, the BEE Rope adapts to you.

Ergonomic design

We have worked with different types of athlete to create the most ergonomic handle. Not very thin, not too thick, not smooth, not rough …

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13.5 × 0.4 cm
Color Jump Rope

Black, Blue, Red