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XStrong Kids Callera 2 agujeros
XStrong KIDS Grip
24 November, 2015
KIDS Callera Niños 2 agujeros
KIDS Grip. 2 holes
22 February, 2016
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros
XStrong Callera 3 agujeros

XStrong Grip: 3 holes


XStrong is the new line of grips designed for greater strength, durability and maximum protection for your hands.

Designed in premium leather for maximum grip and high protection.


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Sewn handed wrist strap for high durability and excellent wrist feel. Adjustable wrist strap to keep it in the correct position during training.


  • Very demanded product in genuine leather of first quality.
  • Designed for strength, durability and maximum protection in the palm of your hand.
  • Adjustable wrist strap for maximum comfort and correct position throughout the exercise.
  • Aluminium buckle.
  • They are sold by pairs.

New Velcro

We’re always trying to improve because we want to give you the best. That’s why we’re changing our grips’ Velcro.

We want, for you, the best support, durability and safety.

It can look like a minor update but sometimes the tiniest detail can have the bigger impact 😉


What’s my grip size?

The first thing you need is a ruler or something to measure your hand.

Now, take a look at this image. The measurement is from the wrist to the fingers.

The last thing is to choose between Size 1 (protect your hand) and Size 2 (protect your fingers or make a fold)

MEASURE Size 1 Size 2
7.5cm | 2.9″ XS S
9cm | 3.5″ S M
10.5cm | 4.1″ M L
11.5cm | 4.5″ L XL
12.5cm | 4.9″ XL XL

Which is better 2 or 3 holes?

The 2 holes grips are more than enough for most people, but if you like (or you need) having the very covered hand the 3 holes ones sell luxury.

We can not choose between two of our girls, we want the same two hole grips and three hole grips.

My hand is really narrow, What can I do?

It’s okay, our KIDS grips are narrower than adult ones and with the same materials and advantages 😉

How do I clean my grips?

If your grips smell bad you just have to put them in the freezer 😉 but if it is for some blood stain wash them by hand very carefully, never wash in a washing machine. The main thing is that they dry well.

Do you have to give some special care to the grips?

It is not necessary. Although we recommend giving a moisturizer in the area of the finger holes to be softer and does not rub so much.

What moisturizer should I buy? We can not say brands, but we will say that the brand of “blue beach balls” is perfect.


Are grips uncomfortable to do other exercises?

The comfort of the grips has been improving with the versions. The AZOR Grips can be put on to take the bar and do a clean & jerk, the rest of models can be more uncomfortable and people prefer to remove them from the fingers.

Releasing the grips gives you also a Sam Briggs style that is very cool in your Instagram photos.

If I get confused about size, Would do you change them?

Of course, no problem. Call or write us, tell us your problem and we change them.

Will I improve my pull-ups with the grips?

Surely yes. Improving the grip with the rack or the rings you will be able to transmit the strength better and with that, you will improve your pull-ups, chest to bar or muscle ups.

If you don´t improve, we don´t refund the money. You have to think that soft hands are also a good reason to use grips.

Are they very thick?

The Picsil and XStrong leather grips are 0.08″ thick and the Rx and AZOR grips are 0.07″.

To give you an idea of the thickness, an adult flea is 0.11″.

Confirmed: We are very bad in comparatives 🙁

Weight 0.18 kg

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