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Super Pack:Anna Rope + Azor Grips + Tactical backpack
13 December, 2017
Cables 2mm – 3,5m
8 March, 2018



Backpack or bag. Resistance or elegance. Functionality or simplicity.

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Enough space for 2 Kettlebells and 6 Dumbbells

Maybe is not the exact measurement but we assure you that you have space for 2 pairs of shoes, clothes, grips, wrist wraps, knee sleeves (all PicSil of course), soaps and shampoos, a laptop and the beach towel.

It’s equivalent to 40 liters of capacity.

The laptop pocket is sealed to prevent moisture penetration, you have a pocket to carry almost anything and we have included a bag for your wet stuff.

Made to resist with style

Although we prefer that you use it as a backpack or purse and take it to the Box, we won’t tell you anything if you fill it with weight and run up the mountain to do a Workout. You could even use it as a sandbag and train anywhere.

We have made sure that it lasts and is tough but without losing style and elegance. That when leaving the Box you can take it to the office or to the University’s library.


  • Measurements 60cm x 33cm x 20cm
  • Capacitance 40 liters
  • Weight 1,5 Kgs
  • Used as Backpack or Bag

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 59 × 37 × 11 cm