The best championships before the Open 2018

If you are one of those who can not wait until February to know how your favorite athletes are this year, here is a list of 4 championships where you can see them in action and compare them with their rivals.

For most great athletes the season ends after their time at the Games in Madison.From then until February they go through different phases from doing absolutely nothing, to phases of volume and hypertrophy, basics, rehab, etc … some of them take advantage of and participate in competitions all over the world.

These are some of the best competitions worldwide that we will see in the next two months.

December 2,3 – The Fall Series Throwdown (Italy)

This weekend in Vigevano, Italy we will have a 2-day competition with some of the best athletes in Europe.

Manila Pennacchio, 30, Italy

31st in the 2017 Meridian Regional. An athlete who is having a powerful preseason by being seen by the main European championships.

Rita García, 29, Spain

After finishing in position 11 in the 2017 Open in Europe, was about to reach Games with the team The ACF Unit.

Adrian Mundwiler, 24, Switzerland

The Swiss has a very intense preseason after being injured in the Meridian Regionals in his attempt to return to the Games.We have seen him doing podium in all the competitions he has participated (Swiss Alpine, Alpha Games, Elfit Games, German Throwdown, …). Will he repeat this weekend?

December 13-16, Dubai Fitness Championship

If you want to see the Games in December, you can not miss what happens in Dubai. The competition with the highest prizes attracts great athletes year after year. During 4 days they participate in really hard and demanding events only for the best ones (last year, a man called Matt Fraser won).

Who to pay attention to in this competition? Everyone, because the level is the best on the planet. These are just some of those who will be there:

  • Alex Vignault, Canada
  • Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, Icelannd
  • Lukas Esslinger, Switzerland
  • Elliot Simmonds, UK
  • Cody Anderson, USA
  • Jason Smith, South Africa
  • James Newbury, Australia
  • Alec Smith, USA
  • Annie Thorisdottir, Iceland
  • Laura Horvath, Hungary
  • Kara Webb, Australia
  • Kari Pierce, USA
  • Thuri Helgadottir, Iceland
  • Kristin Holte, Norway
  • Sam Brigss, UK

January 11-14, The Wodapalooza, Miami (USA)

The biggest fitness festival in the world. To give you an idea, last year they had 25,000 spectators during the 4 days of the event and more than 1,500 athletes.It’s an authentic party with live DJ’s, parties on the beach, seminars and an immense shopping area.

Many Games athletes usually go but practically all of them go as a team, so do not expect to see them giving 100%.

More than a championship to see the level of your favorite athletes is an opportunity to see them compete as a team.Last year the fight between the Smith brothers (Ben, Alec and Dane) and the Panchik brothers (Scott, Spencer and Saxon) was one of the funniest to watch.

January 27, The European Championship, UK

Great championships have always been held in the United Kingdom, some of them have been disappearing or changing their name and format.One of those is the European Championship held in Colchester.

Although on the male side we only have the Swiss Adrian Mundwiler, it is on the female side that we have good athletes to follow closely.

Samantha Brigss, 35, UK

Just Sam Briggs.Winner in 2013 of the Games is a fixed for many years in the Top10 world, even this year that entered category +35 we saw her win an event in Madison.